Make Some Noise! Pound The Drums!

Boom, Boom!

There was plenty of excitement here in Pittsburgh as we reached the last few minutes of this first Kickstarter for Okermania!

This would not have been possible without your passion and support. Thank you to all the folks who shared with friends and family, hosted game nights, stayed up late to work on the campaign content, or shared incredible comments about playing Taiko! I am specifically indebted to the more than 45 early beta-testers who have pre-release copies of the game. Your feedback over the last 8 months has been essential to hammer out the details and to make each Taiko battle an epic experience! Thanks for your early partnership!


Because of your momentum, we unlocked the final stretch goal during the closing minutes of the campaign! This adds a never-before-seen Action Card into all decks 6-player and above!

Stretch goal action card


In the final hours, we also hit 21 backers at the 3-player level and unlocked the Pocket Pouch upgrade! Most excellent! Here is that sweet graphic that I had hoped to share earlier!

This means that we broke LITERALLY EVERY STRETCH GOAL for Taiko!

Pocket pouch 3 player level

Next Phase!

It is exciting to transition the Taiko project into the next phase of logistics, creation, and fulfillment. We will keep you updated on this journey together!

Be on the lookout for a survey through BackerKit to help us collect the information we will need to get this shipped to your doorstep!

I am eager to begin laser-engraving the Elite Wooden Boxes, and packing each of these with a generous serving of love and magic!

Etching the box

Thanks again for a tremendous 21-day sprint, and an epic finale!

Sincerely, Jason Okerman

Jason Okerman portait